jBacteria is the javascript port of the smallest spectrum emulator, Bacteria. The real size is about 20K, but the 16K Rom is included, so the virtual size is ¡¡¡ only 4Kb !!!

It is inspired by Matt Wescott's JSSpeccy, but with a different implementation, targeted to a faster emulation. It works in modern browsers (IE != modern). My Intel Atom netbook plays at almost 100% speed. It's totally free, based on a GPL license, so you can read and modify the code, but referencing the author.

Games were extracted from World of Spectrum. The method of load is based on the TAP format. For TAP download, change the URL:
by another one:
Instructions: Thanks to Andrew Owen for helping me with his suggestions. He also sent me the SE Basic Rom (he's the author).
There exists three derived projects: Roland (Amstrad CPC), jTandy (TRS-80) and jupiler (Jupiter Ace).
Update 04-Sep-2011: Jan Bobrowski has made another javascript spectrum emulator, Qaop/JS.
Update 24-Sep-2011: Now you can record games with F6 key, the list is here.

It's available here the rest of the WOS archive.

Enjoy it !!!

my email is anyone at antoniovillena.es